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Ashanti Shaquoya "Shani Bani" Douglas aka Ashanti Douglas

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This is a comprehensive listing of official releases by Ashanti, an American pop, and R&B singer. As of March 2014, she has released five studio albums, twenty-four singles, and twenty-one music videos on her record labels Murder Inc., Def Jam, and Motown. Ashanti's self-titled debut studio album was released in April 2002, and sold over three million copies in the United States. It produced the number-one hit "Foolish" (spending 10 weeks atop on Billboard Hot 100) and two more top fifteen hits, "Happy" and "Baby". Her second album Chapter II (2003), another platinum-seller, was released a year after and enjoyed international chart success, spawning her international hit "Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)". The singer's third studio album Concrete Rose was released in December 2004 stateside and certified platinum by the RIAA one month after release. A minor success in international music markets, however it produced two singles only, including the top twenty hit single "Only U". Following a hiatus and a label switch from Murda Inc to Motown, Ashanti's The Declaration (2008) was released in June 2008 in the United States. Throughout her career, Ashanti has sold over 15 million records worldwide.

Track Name Artist
Foolish (Remix) Ashanti
Getting High Ashanti
Happy (Conan Liquid Vocal Mix w/Intro) Ashanti
Happy (Conan Private Eye Mix) Ashanti
Happy (Conan Liquid Dub) Ashanti
Rain On Me (Album Version) Ashanti
Rain On Me (Taz & Vanguard Remix) Ashanti
Rain On Me (Full Phatt Remix) Ashanti
Happy (Spen & Karisma Vocal Mix) Ashanti
Happy (Spen & Karisma Dub Mix) Ashanti
Always On Time (LP Version) Ashanti
I Cry (LP Version) Ashanti
Always On Time (Radio Version) Ashanti
Mesmerize Ashanti
Pop N****s Ashanti
Mesmerize (Instrumental) Ashanti
Intro Ashanti
Foolish Ashanti
Happy Ashanti
Leaving (Always On Time Part II) Ashanti
Narrative Call (Skit) Ashanti
Call Ashanti
Scared Ashanti
Rescue Ashanti
Baby Ashanti
Voo Doo Ashanti
Movies Ashanti
Fight (Over Skit) Ashanti
Over Ashanti
Unfoolish Ashanti
Shi Shi (Skit) Ashanti
Dreams Ashanti
Thank You Ashanti
Rain On Me (Main Version) Ashanti
Rain On Me (Instrumental Version) Ashanti
Rain On Me (Call Out Research Hook) Ashanti
Breakup 2 Makeup (Remix) (Radio Edit) Ashanti
Breakup 2 Makeup (Remix) (Instrumental Version) Ashanti
Breakup 2 Makeup (Remix) (Call Out Research Hook) Ashanti
Dreams (Radio Edit) Ashanti
Dreams (Instrumental) Ashanti
Dreams (Call Out Hook) Ashanti
Down 4 U (Radio Edit) Ashanti
Down 4 U (D'n'D Vocal Mix) Ashanti
Down 4 U (D'n'D Conemelt Mix) Ashanti
Found Lovin' (Eastar Remix) Ashanti
Found Lovin' (Eastar Dub Mix) Ashanti
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Armand's Acid Banger) Ashanti
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Acid Banger Dub) Ashanti
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) (Pound Boys Club Mix) Ashanti

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